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eepmon is a Digital Artist with 15 years in the industry. His hybrid fractal/digital creations have been seen in fashion, comics to museums and has exhibited worldwide.

His collaborations include Canada Goose, MARVEL, Snoopy, Microsoft Xbox, Alpha Industries, Canada Science & Technology Museum and was a TEDx performing artist. Featured publications include Assouline, HYPEBEAST, GQ France, Complex, NYLON, Jay-Z’s Life+Times, and ImagineFX.

eepmon has given keynotes on themes surrounding ARTS × ENTREPRENEURSHIP. The RISD Museum hosted by Adobe, IDEO NYC, UX.Talk Tokyo, the City University of Hong Kong, Guangzhou University, and Fung Group’s HELLO FUTURE Summit Shanghai were some of his public engagements. In 2018 he represented Canada on its first Creative Industries Trade Mission led by Canada’s Minister of Heritage and serves on the Canadian Museums Association‘s Board of Directors.

On November 2020, eepmon joined quantum secure communications startup, Quantropi as the role of Creative Emissary. His NFT crypto art can be found via KnownOrigin.

Nomadic in his ways, EEPMON’s creativity has him engage the world and to enrich his life with new experiences, perspectives and discovery. He loves monkeys.

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EEPMON的产业协作包括 Canada Goose, Marvel, PEANUTS, NǑME Microsoft Xbox, Alpha Industries 和 加拿大科技博物馆。特别出版物包括 Assouline, HYPEBEAST, GQ France, Complex, NYLON, Jay-Z’s Life+Times 和 ImagineFX。

2018年,他曾代表加拿大参加了由加拿大遗产部长领导的第一个创意产业贸易代表团,目前担任加拿大博物馆协会董事会成员。作为一名经验丰富的演讲者,他曾就艺术和创业的主题做过主题演讲。由Adobe主办的RISD博物馆,IDEO NYC, UX。东京Talk、香港城市大学、广州大学和Fung Group的上海“你好,未来”峰会是他曾经的一些公开活动。