CityLights Chronicles

Bright Lights Big City 1of1s : June 10th, 2022 @ 2pm EST



Purchase: via OpenSea
Launching: Friday, June 10th, 2022 @ 2pm EST
# of Bright Lights Big City 1of1s: 11
Price: 0.39Ξ
First holders will receive signed print!



Created in 2006, EEPMON CityLights (CL) is an ongoing series inspired by the vibrant metropolises experienced in physical and virtual forms. CLs are procedurally generated comprising of 1000+ city panels. Together they form into hyper-dense super structures that contain our fractal memories, hopes, and dreams.



Now, I am thrilled to officially present CL into the realm of NFTs under the collection, CityLights Chronicles (CLC).




For the first NFT, I will airdrop 1,208 for every Kohi × EEPMON CityLights NFT you hold. Snapshot will be taken on June 1st, 2022 @ 11am EST. It’s my token of thanks for being with me on the CityLights Chronicles journey!

I will release all my past CLs as 1of1s from 2006 to 2021. There will be different colour variations.

Seasonal surprises along the way…

Have you noticed your Kohi × EEPMON CL properties? There may be special benefits based on your props 😉


CityLights interview for Ottawa Magazine, 2011
Read the full article here!


Trust the Process: Holding a CLC over a period of time will unlock specials. This can be in the form of physicals, airdrops to in-person get togethers along the way. For example, for every 1of1 CityLights, you will receive a signed 1of1 archival gallery grade print. Keep the community close!


Signing 5 Kohi × eepmon CityLights canvases to 5-lucky winners
(February 4th, 2022)



Once all of my past CLs have been released, ArcTWO will commence with the continuation with new CL pieces.

More surprises along the way!

I’m also thinking of creating a street team and plan in-person CLC meetups.

Initial ideation for eepmon’s Metaverse (EEPVERS).



As for timelines, CL fams I have grand visions for CityLights Chronicles and EEPVERS at large. At the same time I’ll be honest with you, I can execute what lies ahead 1-year at most. Beyond that, such plans will manifest based year one results. Having too much structure limits creativity and ideation. Some of my best ideas come from spontaneity!

I believe in grass-roots growth and that we move together as a community through the tapestry of time. I look forward to release and produce high quality digital artworks for you all to enjoy.

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Quick Q/A

Q: Will there be physical drops for CityLights Chronicles?
A: Yes and I am currently exploring what these will be 😉


Q: What happens when all your previous works are dropped?
A: CityLights is an ongoing project and you can be assured I will continue to create post 2022!


Q: EEPVERS Discord?
A: EEPVERS Discord is now open! 🔗



Q: Do existing Kohi × eepmon CityLights holders benefit in any way for CLC?
A: Yes. I will be mindful of my Kohi × eepmon CityLights fams throughout the development of EEPVERS!


Q: Do you plan to launch a PFP?
A: No current plans to launch a PFP.



Q: Finally, what in the world is “EEPVERS” ?!
A: 12 years ago, I envisioned an eepmon world called “The World of EEPs”. This world would have all my eepmon characters 🙊, art worlds such as CityLights 🌆 and UnknownSpecies 👹 creations. Turns out I think I was a little ahead of the time (above drawing was my initial concept in 2010 !) With the arrival of the Metaverse it is only fitting that I truly attempt to fulfill this dream. As such, EEPVERS is a manifestation of “The World of EEPs” – eepmon’s Metaverse. Let’s see what the Universe has in store for EEPVERS!


T H A N K   Y O U !
あ り が と う !
谢 谢 !
M E R C I !


Hello! I heard you like CityLights so I put CityLights into the City of Lights!
(Times Square, NYC on November 1st, 2021)