Canada Science & Technology Museum
Yours To Discover 100′ Mural

On November 17th, 2017, the Canada Science & Technology Museum unveiled EEPMON’s permanent 100 x 17 foot art installation titled, “YOURS TO DISCOVER” in collaboration with social impact start-up Kind Village. The mural is a visual narrative that explores the intersections of human innovation, human ingenuity driven by curiosity to advance science, technology and social impact – past, present and into the future.

This installation with its online experience connects both analogue and digital with heritage and the future. Similarly, the production of the physical piece also considers innovation in artistic creation. EEPMON’s idea was to design the mural digitally using vector design tools, but will not be displayed on a computer, instead the piece will be etched onto a touchable, solid surface (acrylic) and 3D printing techniques – a nod to historical artistic practices and evolving modern techniques.

The Collaborators hope to encourage individuals to use the museum space and facilities to create their own artistic and social innovation projects. This Project embodies and creates many unique opportunities for individuals to see, feel, think, do and take away their experience with the Project. It also demonstrates the greater potential to use art as a means to consider and create social impact.

The start of the mural plays off the new Canada Science and Technology Museum ceiling design guiding people through a fantastical journey with eepMonkey and Banana Bird. The massive size of the wall makes it the perfect canvas to represent a timeline that abstractly reflects the past, present and future of Canada’s innovation story. Our vision is to create a holistic visual narrative surrounding the human spirit, human ingenuity and human curiosity. Passion and optimism is embellished throughout the mural.

Local Ottawa fabricators during installation in October and November 2017.

From left: Monique Horth, Vice President – Collection, Research & Corporate Governance of Ingenium, eepmon, Founder & Digital Artisan of EEPMON Inc., Fern Proulx, Interim President and CEO Ingenium and Christina Tessier, Director General of the Canada Science and Technology Museum.

Middle: The Canadian Minister of Science, The Honourable Kirsty Duncan. Right: Tanya Woods, Chief Impact Officer of Kind Village

Monkeying Around!


Before the mural went up. It was just plain dry wall!