Chaos Bloom – Tidal Wave
Public Art Mural ’24

I was commissioned by MASSIVart to create a public art mural (largest artwork I have created to date) in conjunction with the Ottawa Art Gallery. This massive 110 x 26 foot mural titled, Chaos Bloom – Tidal Wave merges code and creativity, crafting intricate compositions exploring the micro and macro.

This mural delves into the beauty of flowers and their Fibonacci connections, as well as cosmic fascination and intertwining Earth and lunar rhythms. It’s a medication on nature’s complexity and invites an exploration of digital code and pattern. Each stroke merges floral grace with a cosmic dance.

Witness the convergence of art and science, where flowers reveal mathematical poetry and the tidal wave invites contemplation on interconnectedness, echoing the cosmos’ harmonious chaos. I invite you to engage with this mural to transcend digital boundaries, pondering the wonders of existence.

I believe the creative arts play a significant role in connecting with the public. This is evidenced by the overwhelmingly positive response to my digital art mural, Chaos Bloom – Tidal Wave, the largest artwork I have created to date. As such, public art inspires and empowers the very fabric of our communities.

Official Media Release:
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