Presented by NǑME

In partnership with lifestyle retail NǑME, we come together to collaborate with PEANUTS, famed for Snoopy and Charlie Brown on a fun collection of products. This is a childhood dream project come true and what better way than to celebrate in timing for PEANUTS’s 70th Anniversary!

Sharing below an extensive archive of digital artworks, prototypes, products and promotional reels leading up to our August 1st, 2020 collaboration debut. Enjoy!

Created well over 20 artworks, the style gives nod to an 80’s/90’s aesthetic which is perfect for Charles M. Schulz’s (the creator of PEANUTS) characters. A big thank you to NǑME design team and Creative Artist Agency – Global Brands Group (CAA-GBG) for entrusting me on the overall visual design. Be sure to look out for this partnership across all NǑME stores in China!

A side note: I grew up with Snoopy and Charlie Brown. A passion project, I am thankful to have this opportunity to collaborate on such a world-renowned icon.

Repeating Patterns

Thank you!