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EEPMON is Digital Artist. His artistic process is shaped by chance and certainty, improvisation and script, affect and effect culminating into incredibly detailed visual compositions.

His multidisciplinary creations combined with an entrepreneurial mindset empowers him to move fluidly through the ever-changing landscape of contemporary industry.

In 2018 he represented Canada on its first Creative Industries Trade Mission to China led by Canada’s Minister of Heritage and serves on the Board of Directors in the Canadian Museums Association. In 2019 he moderated the technology panel for the third Canadian national summit on the Value of Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums (GLAMs) – a collaboration between the Library and Archives Canada, Canadian Museums Association and the Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ). He has attended artist residencies at The School of Visual Arts New York and The Banff Centre.

EEPMON’s clients include Marvel Entertainment, Microsoft Xbox, Shanghai Innovation Explorium, Canada Goose and the Canada Science & Technology Museum. His work has been featured in Assouline, HYPEBEAST, GQ France, Complex, JAY-Z’s Life+Times, Computer Arts and Applied Arts. Accolades include the Applied Arts Award for Illustration, artist residencies at The School of Visual Arts New York, The Banff Centre and is a brand ambassador for Canada Goose.

A seasoned speaker, EEPMON has given talks worldwide on themes surrounding art and entrepreneurship in the Digital Age. His talks, has empowered and motivated audiences on what is possible in a digitally connected world.

Nomadic in his ways, his creativity empowers him travel and to enrich his life with new experiences, perspectives and discovery. He loves monkeys.

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I am an artist and designer working at the intersections of computer code and drawing. My creations bridge the gap between analog and digital worlds, tradition and modernity and the handmade with digital design.

The widespread adoption of the Internet has transformed world industries – art is no exception. With the exponential rise of technology we have witness creativity crossing at ever increasing speeds between industry and culture, private and public, analogue and digital, and everything in-between. Technology provides a new area for innovators and artists to experiment and develop new modes of creative expression.

As such, I am a resultant of a new type of artist – an artist of the Digital Age. The computer is an artistic tool, just like a paintbrush. Having developed my own computer program I integrate random algorithms into my work, generating dense graphic compositions that are each woven into a kind of ‘multiverse’ that is at once chaotic and orderly, dynamic and serene. My ability to find the balance between these extremes is the basis of my distinctive style.

I believe my body of work speaks to our contemporary digital society. I want to emphasize that my creations go beyond art making; it is a way of life. I find inspiration by diving head first into the unknown and the undiscovered corners. It is in those obscured places where I creatively flourish.