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Eric Chan (陳詩亮), professionally known as EEPMON, is a digital pioneer, generative artist, coder, and creative entrepreneur, embodying a digital-first approach in his work. His creative influence extends across multinational brands and institutions, including Canada Goose, Marvel, Microsoft, the PEANUTS comics, Ottawa Art Gallery, the Canada Science and Technology Museum, and the Canadian Museum of History.

EEPMON’s dedication to shaping cultural and community discourse is evident in his leadership roles. From 2017 to 2021, he served as Director and later Senior Vice President on the Canadian Museums Association. He has also represented Canada on multiple Minister-led trade missions, including the inaugural Creative Industries Trade Mission to China in 2018 and Canada’s Indo-Pacific Strategy for the Team Canada Trade Mission to Japan in 2023, resulting in successful B2Bs. For Asian Heritage Month 2024, EEPMON created a digital art mural for the Canadian Museum of History that addresses the Chinese Exclusion Act of July 1st, 1923, uniting the Chinese community across generations to foster healing, encourage meaningful discussions, and propel progress together.

His passion and commitment to pushing artistic boundaries are further evident in his TEDx performance, captivating keynote engagements, and pioneering ventures into Web3 and NFT creations, such as CityLights and EEPVERS. A notable advocate for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics), EEPMON uses data to create intricate and innovative works of art. His open data paintings “INTERSECTIONS” and digital artwork “Chaos Bloom,” part of the Canada Council Art Bank collection, exemplify the convergence of art and technology.

Recognized as a 2023 Library and Archives Canada Scholar by the Government of Canada, and recipient of the 2024 Banff Forum Arne Bengt Johansson Fellowship, EEPMON stands as a visionary artist in the Digital Age. His multifaceted contributions continue to shape the creative landscape, seamlessly merging technology and the arts within his communities.

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