EEPMON × Bricksensitive
Data.Art 2024

Sharing stunning results from my recent collaboration with innovative Italian company, Bricksensitive! Exploring the intersection of generative art and sensor telemetry data, I unlocked a realm of possibilities that transcends traditional artistic boundaries. By harnessing the power of data, we’ve witnessed the birth of mesmerizing visual outcomes that truly push the boundaries of imagination.

About the Data Artwork:
In the telemetry dataset, date/time, IP, humidity, temperature, and x,y,z coordinates are used. Each slice is information describing each data line in white. I used humidity data to create the blue. Temperature is in the middle in light blue. Notice that the humidity and temperature do appear to have some kind of correlation. 3 IP addresses were used which if you look closely is indicated by green, white, and red (Italy’s flag colours). I used the x,y,z coordinates as decorated details which you can see by the blue and white lines throughout the artwork. Truly an integrated piece, fitting to their slogan, “Integrated Technology”.

About Bricksensitive:
Bricksensitive’s mission is to empower their customers to create their own smart product(s) and ensure the reliability and effectiveness of their products’ lifecycle through continuous monitoring, alerting, and improvement. This is done with Bricksensitive’s “I’M” Kit.
The I’M Kit is an easy-to-assemble patented device, consisting of only 3 key parts: A Sensor, Slave Boards and Control Unit. Clients can set up the I’M kit by themselves via the I’M Platform to integrated with I’M Kit devices – powered by AI and Blockchain technology.

STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics…But I believe that ARTS plays a crucial role in bringing it all together. How do we do this? It’s ALL ABOUT THE DATA. ARTS in STEAM, I believe is the link to future innovation.