Canada Goose × eepmon
The Synthesis Parka


What can a handmade garment + digital art & design look like? Canada Goose and I joined forces to explore this question and together we created the Canada Goose x eepmon: Synthesis Parka.




I was involved throughout the parka’s development process from conceptualizing, garment designing, artwork creation, prototyping to product marketing. The inside lining of the Synthesis Parka reveals my artwork which tells a story about myself – a Canadian Chinese artist bridging between both Eastern and Western cultures.

Only 150 limited-edition parkas made, the Canada Goose x eepmon: Synthesis Parka hung at some of world’s coveted retailers including Colette and Harvey Nichols, and featured in the press from the French edition of GQ Magazine, Highsnobiety to Jay-Z’s Life+Times. The Synthesis Parka is a wearable sculpture and truly a work-of-art.





About the artwork: The Canada Goose x eepmon artwork is a visual narrative composed of imagery that intertwines with my Canadian / Chinese cultures. Starting from the top left is a lion which gives nod to the Canada’s Governor General Coat of Arms. Bottom left are trillium flowers – the symbol of both Canada Goose and eepmon birthplace, the province of Ontario. In Chinese paintings you will probably notice there are 9 carp fish. This is a symbol of happiness, continued positive wellbeing and longevity. Replacing the carp fish I decided to use Geese flying towards rising sun in the Far East. The maple leaves show the changing of the seasons and the overall ornate drawings represent the interior of the Parliament of Canada. On the bottom right are eepmon’s crazy creatures that are out the play! There are other fun hidden characters throughout the artwork. Perhaps you can find a shrimp tempura and a monkey?


About The Synthesis Parka:
The Canada Goose x eepmon Synthesis Parka is a high-performance parka ideal for urban exploration. This parka embodies both functional and fashionable feature such as a 2-way adjustable down hood, 2-way YKK zipper with a wind guard for extra warmth, zippered hand pockets, custom dyed fur ruff in grey with blue topaz accents, and an extraordinary lining showcasing the artwork that I created. Scroll to the bottom for the international list of retailers.



International Retailers
Colette – Paris, France
Harvey Nichols – London, Manchester, Leeds, Edinburgh
Mientus – Berlin, Germany
Nag People – Copenhagen, Denmark
Tip De Bruin – Amsterdam, Netherlands
Central Post – Seoul, Korea
Urban Speed – Vienna, Austria
The Tannery – Boston, USA
Rime – New York, USA
NRML – Ottawa, Canada
Hofstetter Sports & Fashion – Geneva, Switzerland
Och Sport & Fashion – Zurich, Switzerland