Library & Archives Canada
Taking it to the Streets Panelist


From left: Mark O’Neill, Sébastien Goupil, John McAvity, Randy Boissonnault, Donna Livingstone,
Guy Berthiaume, eepmon, Chris Kitzan



Panelist speaker on “Creativity, Innovation and Libraries, Archives and Museums (LAM) collections: how LAMs are inspiring creativity among users in the Digital Age.


With fellow speakers visiting the Library & Archives Preservation Centre in Gatineau, Quebec.


About the summit: Library and Archives Canada, in partnership with the Canadian Museums Association (CMA), is pleased to present Taking it to the Streets: Summit on the Value of Libraries, Archives and Museums in a Changing World

We live in digital times, when memory itself might seem unnecessary. But memory institutions are not dead; they are not even gasping for air.

Libraries, archives and museums (LAMs) are some of the most enthusiastic adopters of new information technologies. They have adapted and reinvented themselves by offering everything from help with business start-ups to sleepovers with dinosaurs, and generating unexpected revenues.

When budgets are tight and the market for information is crowded, LAMs are being called on more and more to demonstrate their value. The Summit will help define where memory institutions fit in a world of smartphones, mobile apps, music sequencers, virtual reality, 3D printers and crowdsourcing.

This Summit will explore dimensions of the social and economic value offered by libraries, archives and museums; share research in this field; provide networking opportunities between LAM practitioners and experts; and identify further actions the LAM community might take to build on the discussions.