EEPMON × Satellite Young
Sanfransokyo girl Music Video

I created an animated music video for Tokyo-based synthwave electronic unit Satellite Young. Titled “Sanfransokyo girl”, I was inspired by the music track written by Yoka Ohishi, vocalized by Emi Kusano and produced by Belle Maison Sekine to create a digital city masterpiece that symbolizes the atmosphere of decorative sign boards reminiscent of the neon city lights of Tokyo, 80’s pop-style nostalgia with anime + electronic visualizations.

A nod to retro video games and sci-fi movies, “Sanfransokyo” is a fictional city like San Francisco and Tokyo combined. The two cities are indispensable for setting near future scenes and where dreams and imaginations can come to life! As Yuka Ohishi the lyricists describes it, “San Francisco and Tokyo are fun places, but it seems like everything is in momentary flux and that will not last forever.

At the same time of the MV debut, Satellite Young will be releasing several Sanfransokyo girl remixes available on iTunes and Spotify. We invite you to join us on this fantastical journey venturing into the world of Sanfransokyo – a collaboration between EEPMON & Satellite Young!