Rivercity Ransom Underground
Special EEPMON Stage


Created special pixel artwork for video game company Conatus Creative’s Rivercity Ransom Underground. Below I explain the process in creating the artwork for the stage.


Because I have to work in pixels, I have to ensure that my art is sized accordingly. First thing I did I placed my vector artwork directly on the stage map my friends at Conatus provided. The beauty of vector is that I can size it and quality never suffers. Once I am happy with the placement, I then proceed to pixelate each artwork.



The challenge was to figure out how to rasterize my vector pieces and at the same time still retain solid fill lines. Weighing my options, I ended up tracing my own artwork with the pencil tool to achieve the desire result.



The Nintendo Famicom came with a limited colour palette set. I had to ensure that the colours are within the limitation. I found this to be fun given these restraints!


I’m very happy with the result and super stoked to see it in-game. I am a fan of the original game on the NES so it is quite exciting to be part of Rivercity Ransom’s continued legacy! Thank you Conatus Creative for having me be part of the history!