EEPMON × Witty Power
Data.Art 2024

During my continued B2Bs in Japan with Global DX partners, I had the pleasure of getting to know the talented Italian innovation startup delegates . Inspired by their ingenuity, I embarked on a journey to translate the essence of their work into unique pieces of generative art using samples of their data. As such, I created one artwork for each of the companies. The you see here is my creation for Witty Power.

In Witty’s sample dataset, voltage and current is used derived from the MacBook Air M2. Each slice is information describing each data line in white. The bright blue colour is max voltage values with gradation towards pink which is the low voltage. The inner part where it is more blueish-green is the current. I was inspired to create the concept of “Keep in Power” – the tagline of Witty Power.

About Witty:
Witty Srl is an innovative startup, based in Rome and Bolzano, owned by institutional investors and which has developed a technology (protected by international patent) to increase the life cycle of lithium ion batteries in electronic devices.

Their R&D department is constantly researching new technologies capable of making the charging phase of its electrical devices/vehicles more efficient; technology that can be integrated into other pre-existing products.

Witty is a team of engineers from the University of Rome “La Sapienza” with a single objective: to improve our customers’ relationship with their portable devices and reduce pollution related to the high use of lithium ion batteries.

STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics…But I believe that ARTS plays a crucial role in bringing it all together. How do we do this? It’s ALL ABOUT THE DATA. ARTS in STEAM, I believe is the link to future innovation.