Yokohama Future Organization
Digital Art Workshop 2024

I had an incredible time at Yokohama’s YOXO 2024 festival hosting a digital arts workshop for the next generation of creatives! The children dove into digital tools, crafting their masterpieces using provided templates or creating entirely on their own. The joy of combining them into one collaborative digital artwork was so fun as I marvelled each and everyone’s creation. The smiles on their faces as they explored/immersed themselves with digital tools and brought their creations to life was I believe, the true purpose of this STEAM event.

The goal of this two-day workshop was for every participant to use Wacom technology to colour EEPMON templated illustrations, or make their entirely own creations! Then I would combine all of the artworks to create one masterpiece representing the creative spirit to celebrate the innovation city of Yokohama – because creativity is such a typhoon!

🌟 All participants dove into a world of innovation, creativity, and collaboration. Big thanks to my Japan partner, Global DX and sponsors Wacom, Towa Engineering, for supporting my workshop/exhibition, turning this event into a great success. Here are some behind-the-scenes during this two-day workshop.

Dates held: Saturday, February 3rd, 2024 11am – 8pm, Sunday, February 4th 2024 – 11am – 5pm
Location: Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse @ J-11

Towa Engineering provided the fantastic displays and this amazing green screen (chromakey) backdrop. It was so fun to see the creations by the participants come to life through a virtual exhibition. The smiles on the children’s faces was priceless!

Promo advertisements for my digital art workshop.

As part of my setup, Wacom equipped me with the incredible Wacom Cintiq Pro 17”! I absolutely love it…I can truly touch my artworks and then my creations come to life through Towa’s super bright 80” screens. Shoutout to everyone involved for setting up the equipment!

Catching up with longtime friends visiting. Thank you for coming!

The smiles from the participants made this event all worthwhile sparking their creative imagination! Btw, do you know what this person drew? One of my all time favourite characters from the video game, Dragon Quest!

Each participant gets to draw their own creation which in turn becomes a pushpin button as a souvenir! They also get to pose in front of Towa Engineering’s chromakey for a photo op!

A special visit by the Italian innovation startup technology companies who also participated in my workshop! Shoutout to MyCIA, Bricksensitive, Witty Power, and Novac!

Left: Setting up before the event. Right: Getting warmed up!

Team Wacom having some photoshoot fun! Thank you for your support!