Algonquin College
Alumni of Distinction 2023

I am honoured to be receiving the Algonquin College Alumni of Distinction for Creative Arts and Design Award.

A bit of background: Graduating from both the Computer Engineering Technology – Computing Science and the Bachelors of Information Technology – Interactive Multimedia and Design, Algonquin was the place that truly sparked my interest in combining art and technology.

One computer course I particularly remember was Java programming. An assignment was to write a program from scratch, a workable calculator. Not only did you have to make sure it operates and works like a real calculator, we also had to graphically represent using strictly computer code. That opened my eyes where the worlds of graphic design and programming can be used together to create dynamic digital content! Some may call it today, Digital Art and/or Generative Art.

Having many fond memories at Algonquin’s T and N buildings, the college gave me the confidence to carve out my own career path manifesting into what EEPMON, my artist moniker and brand is today.

And to the upcoming and next generation of Algonquin College creative graduates. This is your time to build your foundation and making meaningful connections. Your creative ambitions start here!

Ceremony Date: Thursday, November 2nd, 2023
Location: Algonquin Commons Theatre, Nepean, ON