NFT CityLights 2021
Kōhī × eepmon

Introducing CityLights

Kohi’s first artist collection, CityLights by eepmon is limited to 1,024 mints and is constructed entirely on-chain in Solidity with the Kohi Compiler.

Title: CityLights No.51.

NFT CityLights 2021

CityLights is a series inspired by the vibrant cityscapes of Japan. Visiting every year, Japan has always been my creative source of inspiration for the mind, body and spirit.

I am pleased to announce that all 1024 editions of CityLights have been sold website under 1hr and 30mins. Thank you all who participated for this rare minting. For statistical information on this limited mint drop please visit our OpenSea secondary market.

NFT CityLights 2021 No.1024 & No.1081

About the CityLights artwork:

There’s a consistent theme in my Kōhī CityLights that involves the 🌙 and the ☀️

Let me explain:

I was born at the cusp of Cancer ♋️ and Leo ♌️ zodiacs. Therefore my life – how I view/engage the world is ruled by the emotional moon and the powerful sun. Being a wielder of both celestial bodies can either make you or break you! Therefore alignment and achieving universal balance is key.

CityLights explores such notions of balance. Though aesthetically futurist in nature this series gives nod to patterns and sacred geometries. It allows us to take a step back and observe holistically that in our day-to-day busy routines, the Universe will continue to expand, stars within galaxies will continue to revolve, and the sun and moon will continue to rise/fall (through our humanist perspective of course).

CityLights is the light of life.🌄🌇

Kōhī and I look very forward to launch NFT project 01 on 11.22.21

NFT CityLights 2021 original teaser 1

CityLights was written in Processing (Java) and then transferred to an intermediate composition layer. Next the
Kohi compiler converts the intermediate layer to Solidity, which in turn compiles to the Ethereum EVM.

We limited to five signed canvas prints. Mints are authenticated for ownership before being printed and signed.

NFT CityLights 2021 original teaser 0