Canada Day 2020
Yours to Discover Colour Booklet

In its first virtual celebration, I created a colouring activity book in partnership with Canadian Heritage, Ingenium Canada and Kind Village. The booklet can be downloaded from Canada’s official website.

Background: The artwork and activities come from a special permanent art mural that Kind Village and I worked on for Ingenium. We spent over a year in three museum vaults and interviewed staff and community members to learn about what inspires them and the issues they care most about.

Fun fact: This mural was inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – in fact it may very well be the first permanent artwork inspired by the Goals in the world!

The mural and accompanying Yours to Discover – Online Experience we created provide a rich visual narrative for you to explore the intersections of human innovation and ingenuity driven by the curiosity to advance science, technology, and social impact – past, present, and future.