Alpha Industries × EEPMON × RIME
Jungle Out There

Renowned for their iconic MA-1 bomber jacket, this 3-way collaboration with Alpha Industries, digital artisan EEPMON and premium streetwear RIME in New York City have joined forces to create 128 limited edition pieces of wearable art. Expressing the wild, NYC concrete jungle that brings together East and West zodiacs, this reversible bomber made its official debut at ComplexCon on November 4th, 2017. Follow EEPMON on Instagram for up-to-date information.

The collaboration was featured on HYPEBEAST and awarded the Applied Arts 2018 Illustration for Retail Application.

Luxe sneaker boutique RIME NYC’s Susan Boyle teams up Canadian digital artisan EEPMON to collaborate with Alpha Industries on a limited edition MA-1 jacket.

This special reversible MA-1 slim fit jacket boasts the dual “East meets West” zodiacs with the monkey portrait on the light golden side, while the dark chocolate side has the lion. Each jacket will also feature a special laser cut mirror acrylic keychain with the edition number engraved out of 128.

How it started: Susan and EEPMON developed a strong friendship over the years and one day at a meeting they ended up talking about zodiacs. Inspired, the artist decided to create a lion and a monkey portrait in EEPMON’s signature style. The lion that he sent to Boyle was a representation of how he saw her, the wild hair and spirit, as well as her astrology sign being a Leo. EEPMON who also resonates strongly with his Chinese zodiac, created his fierce monkey portrait.

The collaboration titled, “Jungle Out There” will debut at ComplexCon on November 4th, 2017 in the Alpha Industries booth with EEPMON on-site to sign them.

The jacket will also be available in limited quantities for purchase on the RIME online store.