Erica Wiebe × EEPMON

2016 Rio Olympic Champion, Erica Wiebe and I collaborated on her portrait using my EEPMON signature style “Mecha-Camo” details.

Some background: Erica sent me several of her photos and I immediately was inspired by one where she was wearing a red hoody. I knew that was the starting point to transcend her portrait into an art piece that visually speaks to her determination, fierceness, and immense confidence to overcome any obstacles that stand in her way.

Suffice to say, our launch at the Canada Science & Technology Museum was a great success and I am honoured to be with Erica to make this a reality.

At the end of the day, if I can make just one person smile then I’ve done my job. Erica and I had an incredible day with students to talk about our paths…through our ups and downs, successes and failures to reach our goals…It’s NEVER an upward linear trajectory!

Though we are from completely different worlds we shared very common traits – passion, determination to explore the unknowns and uncertainties, perseverance and the absolute drive to better ourselves each day.

Big shoutout to the Canada Science and Technology Museum @scitechmuseum and Ingenium Canada (@ingeniumcanada) for the tremendous support and putting this event all together.

Finally our Erica Wiebe x EEPMON prints, t-shirts and magnets can be purchased at the museum’s store and Erica’s online store!

THANK YOU / MERCI / 谢谢 / ありがとう🙏