Artist Residency 2018

February 2018, I was part of Mademill’s Artist in Residence (AIR) program in Ottawa. During this 3-week program I spent my time researching, experimenting and developing new creative work and processes focusing on Virtual Reality and high end 3D printing technology. The result was very successful.

My latest creation was a 3D printed full colour sculpture. Over 200 objects all generated in Python code – even the material colour. We NEVER did this before and suffice to say we were all astounded by the result. The resolution output was incredible.

Having completed my residency, I will be continuing developing this new mode of creations on my own time. I hope to achieve a new body of work that engages in this capacity.

In addition to 3D-printing the code generated model, we were also able to easily import the digital sculpture into Unity 3D software and created a VR experience for the work! The potential is limitless!

Thank you MadeMill for an awesome time allowing me to explore more ways to use technology into my creations.